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Top Affordable Hangout Spots in South London

South London is a hidden gem. It is lively place to live. Equipped with a growing artistic and musical scene, you will never tire of places to hangout. If you live on this side of London, you will know that there is always something fun to do.  The only thing that might hinder you from having a good time is the high living costs of London life. 

So, we have come up a list of affordable hangout spots in South London, that will not break the bank.

Local Parks

South London is home to so many local parks. From Crystal Palace Battersea, there is a free park for one and all. 

Some of these parks even have free gym areas that you can get a workout session. You can also have a picnic or barbecue when the weather is nice. 

Local parks in South London you can visit free of charge:  

  1. Peckham Rye Park
  2. Battersea Park
  3. Beckenham Place Park
  4. Dulwich Park
  5. Hilly Fields
  6. Crystal Palace Park
  7. Greenwich Park
  8. Manor House Gardens
  9. Ladywell Fields
  10. Brockwell Park

Quick Tip:  As you visit the local park with your friends take time to sit down on the bench have a good chat about your lives.

Feeding the Ducks

Some of the local parks in South London have ponds with ducks and spaces where you can feed them.  This can be a quiet and therapeutic activity you can do with the kids on a long weekend when they have nothing to do.  As you feed the ducks you can also teach your children about nature. 

Quick Tip:  As you feed the ducks, reflect on the beauty of nature all around you and take loads of pictures.

Hiking Trails

Getting out and about with friends is a great way of letting off some steam whilst keeping healthy too.  There are so many hiking trails you can walk that you will enjoy as you explore south London with all its quirks.

Below are some well known hikes you can do in south London. 

  • Hike from Blackheath to Greenwich
  • Hike from Oakleas Woods to Mottingham
  • Hike through Nunhead Cemetery

Quick Tip:  Try hiking with a friend and as you walk, take in the beautiful monumental scenery around you. 

Affordable Restaurant & Bars in South London

After a day of hiking all over south London you can always retire to a local restaurant or shisha bar with your friends in tow. Finding one should not be difficult, especially if you happen to stumble across Lit Lounge in New Cross, a shisha bar with awesome food and cocktails.

Lit Lounge boats a fun and relaxed atmosphere and is a hot choice for people of diverse ethnicities who are looking for a taste of home.  The Afro-fusion menu is a sublime addition to the chilled vibe at Lit Lounge and you’ll love it too.

Quick Tip:  Make sure you try out Lit Logue’s shisha pipes laced with real flavoured mouth tips.  It will give you a unique shisha experience you will never forget.


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