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How To Find An Affordable Restaurant With A 5* Like Experience In South London

It is no secret that London is an expensive city. Unfortunately, this is just part of the charm of living in a crowded city. 

In areas like South London, if you are looking for a 5* restaurant to dine with your friends – chances, are you will need to pay a few hundred quid. 

But how about those who don’t have a few hundred quid to spare? Does it mean that they don’t get to have the 5* experience? 

The answer is no.    

The truth is, there is always a chance of finding a cheap restaurant with excellent service.

Here are some of the ways you can find an affordable restaurant with a 5* like experience.  

Check social media

Social media is a great place to learn what people really think. You can always go on sites like Twitter and search for what people have tweeted about the restaurant you want to visit.

People still complain about the service they receive at some so-called 5* restaurants. This is because chances are, even if you are to dine at a 5* restaurant, you may not get the best service there. Social media can reveal the true nature of what goes on in these restaurants.

Once you settle on a restaurant, check their Facebook page reviews too.  Customers tend to leave honest reviews there, so dig deep before making your decision.

A quick Tip:  Drop a question about a restaurant you are considering on a Facebook Group, then wait as the responses flood in.

Read Google reviews

Whenever you use Google maps to direct you to a new restaurant, afterwards, it prompts you to leave an honest review.  Most Google reviewers leave pictures that they can use as evidence to show that they were really visited the restaurant.

A quick tip: Pay attention to reviews with images and look out for responses from the restaurant owners. 

Ask the locals

People never forget about restaurants where they received a 5* like experience. If you had such an experience, wouldn’t you tell all your friends? 

Word of mouth advertising is even more reliable than other methods; that’s why you should ask around before you decide. So, speak to the locals in the area and ask them questions about the restaurants they liked and why.

A quick tip:  Ask specific questions about the restaurant’s ambience to really get a feel for the kind of atmosphere and vibe. 

Look out for hidden gems!

Have you ever stumbled across a restaurant by chance and then declared it to be a hidden gem?  These are the kind of dining experiences that you will never forget. Of course, some restaurants may not have the popularity of others because they are new and are just getting established.

So, don’t underestimate such hidden gems because they are tomorrow’s hotspots. Lit Lounge is the hidden gem of New Cross. It has a shisha lounge with a skylight rooftop where you can relax and unwind and smoke shisha with your friends after a long day. If this isn’t a 5* experience, I don’t know what is.   

A quick tip:  Check out Lit Lounge Afro-Fusion menu, including lamb, rice, burger and much more. 

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